Gertie & The Gang

11. The first wave...

Last time on Gertie's Gang of Goofballs, the group argued about who to go after first: Rudolfo's old pal Soileire or Helen's long-lost brother Brynn. Just as they decided, the group was faced with another, even more difficult decision! A goblin army was marching to Soonsea and the heroes needed to decide whether to face the monsters alone and be hilariously out-numbered or raise an undead skeleton army to help them fight but be damned by the consequences of such necromancy…

They decided to go down fighting the good fight—that is: without the aid of the undead. With only a scant half hour to prepare, the group rushed into action. 

They evacuated the east side of town and turned a dozen or so broken wagons into makeshift barricades blocking off streets and paths on the edge of Soonsea. A group of townsfolk arrived with shovels and pickaxes but the group, unsure how to put them to use, send them all away to hide. 

With their Gnome friend Pike by their side, as well as Abit and Nezzu Alalur (another council member and the woman who suggested raising the dead to defend the town), the adventurers climbed onto the roof of a large house on the edge of town and prepared for the first wave of goblin invaders. (Except for Gertie who remained on horseback ready to charge into the goblin ranks.) 

As the goblins raced towards town, Rudolfo and Elvis began launching arrows at the horde. Unfortunately, and embarrassingly, most of them missed and the goblin ranks sped closer without having been thinned at all. Gertie spurred her horse—Mariah's Vengeance—into action and began tearing through the goblins. Volleys of arrows were launched at the heroes atop the roof and a few (Rudy and Helen) fell under the heavy barrage but they were quickly revived by Pike.

As the goblins reached the buildings they began to scatter and split up, setting fire to the houses and shops and disappearing into narrow lanes and alleys. Gertie raced after them on horseback and Helen rushed to magically douse the flames. Nezzu was hit by a flurry of arrows and cried out—damning the group for not choosing the skeleton army option—before retaliating with a stream of magic missiles. Confusion and chaos reigned and a goblin captain broke through their barricades and vanished among the buildings. Abit raced along rooftops to deal with him as the others began cutting down the goblin numbers from 30 to 20 and then to 10. 

Gertie jumped off her injured horse and raced on foot after the final handful of goblins. Rudy and Elvis and Gertie required even more healing from Pike in the final moments but were able to hack down the final straggling invaders. When the group went to track down the goblin captain that had eluded them, they found him crushed beneath the roof of a nearby house—torn off and dropped atop the evil creature by Abit's magic. 

The group reconvened and licked their wounds as they surveyed the damage. A half-dozen buildings had been set on fire but were doused quickly enough and were still intact. The group, however, were weakened and nearly tapped out of magic and resolve. Unfortunately, a cloud of dust on the horizon signaled the approach of the second wave of goblin invaders. The heroes took a deep breath, climbed back onto the roof, and got in position.

The second wave appeared at least as big as the first. The group exchanged some weary, worried glances and prepared to face what would be the biggest fight of their lives.

Can the heroes withstand another massive onslaught? Why are there so many goblins? Will an unexpected new ally arrive just in time to save the day? Probably not. But just to be sure, tune in next time for another episode of Gertie's Gang vs the Great Goblin Army.



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