Gertie & The Gang

14. Deozzis the Blue Storm

From the diary of Elvis Stajko

[date: 20, Marlew]

   There are no words for the shame that I am feeling. Once again, my actions have nearly lead to the deaths of myself and my companions. All I wanted was to help Soieleire's people, but she deceived me yet again, offering us up to the great blue dragon, Deozzis. Poor Gertie, having to come face to face with the monster that destroyed her home!  Were I in her shoes, I too would probably have soiled my undergarments. Thanks to some quick thinking by our new friend, Sylvan, we escaped with our lives by making a promise to exterminate a few giants; a task I hope we prove equal to.  

   We hurried back to Soieleire's camp in the hopes of catching them before they fled once more, only to find her completely alone and drunk on some foul smelling liquor. I'm so furious with her part of me wanted to utterly destroy her, but she seemed so sad I couldn't bring myself to do it. She just wanted to protect her people. I think deep down, even Helen understands this. 

   We left her to her misery and set off towards the giants. I don't want to see what happens if we keep Deozzis waiting.

[date: 21, Marlew]

   Finally, back in the comfort of our inn! That giant fight was no joke! If not for Sylvan's ability to magically charm the monsters, we may not have made it. Even so, myself and Gertie were knocked unconscious. I vow here and now never to make another deal with a dragon, EVER

   I noticed when we got back that Helen and Abit were whispering together. I think he may have slipped her something… Those two are so secretive…

   Whatever. I'm through prying into other peoples' business. I'm through making decisions for this group. Everyone will be much better off if I stop trying to help them. 

[end diary entry]



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