Gertie & The Gang

7. The Beast with no Butt

From the diary of Elvis Stajko

    How could we have been so stupid?! How could I? So much for finely tuned senses. This whole thing was a set up; Rudy’s "posession", the monster we faced, none of it was real. I should have realized when the monster couldn’t even land an attack, but I didn’t figure it out until Soielare and Wintel were already long gone. I swear I will make them pay for this. 

    On top of that, Something strange is going on with Helen. She seems to be losing control of her magic. As if Rudy’s checkered history wasn’t bad enough, now something from Helen’s past seems to be catching up with her. The mysterious death of her parents, a sinister guardian who brainwashed her brother and now has his sights set on her… What the hell have I gotten myself tangled up in!? If not for level-headed Gertie I would be very worried about the fate of our group.

    I need to go let off some steam. A few hours of training might help curb the rage and anxiety I currently feel pulsing through my veins. Sure wish I had something real to fight though…



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