Gertie & The Gang

1. Pants and potions and pretty new robes

"I ordered chamomile tea, not camel tea."

The gods are at war with one another. What legends have dubbed The Fall is looming once again. As the celestial forces collide, magic surges across the world, strange weather sweeps across regions, beasts and monsters that haven’t been seen in centuries are re-emerging.

With the Apocalypse looming and chaos growing, people are growing desperate and reckless and adventuring has become a fad! Confusing legends and lore with reality, folks have reverted to grave robbing, inn plundering, and attacking endangered species and monsters that would normally leave the mortal races alone.

Gertie, Elvis, Rudolfo, and Helen have been kept on retainer as a militia unit in the town of Soonsea. They are paid by a magistrate in the town and tasked with stopping the "murder hobos" that are traveling the countryside killing and looting and fighting with one another and thus causing damage to the town and nearby farms. 

The group met for breakfast at the Steppewright Inn where they have been staying for a number of weeks. The inn is run by a charming bronze-skinned half-elf named Abit Ashdannan who also happens to be the town magistrate that has them on retainer. 

Abit spent the morning at a council meeting and the group decided to split up. Elvis went to the yard out back to train and the other three went shopping. They bought some potions and Rudolfo found himself a rather lovely robe (that might have been a bit too long). Eventually, Elvis caught up with the group and managed to snag himself a stylish pair of pants and some new boots. 

Once the council meeting was done, the group met Abit on the steps of the town hall and was told about some work that needed doing. Apparently, Abit had caught wind of a group of ruffians who had "invited" themselves to stay at a nearby winery. The family that runs the winery can’t get any work done and the “adventurers” are eating all their food and drinking all their wine. Even worse, after the ruffians head out killing and pillaging, angry monsters seeking revenge have been following them back to the winery and damaging the property quite badly. 

The gang headed to Gnome Depot to stock up on supplies and then took off towards the winery to fulfill their promise to Mr. Ashdannan.



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