Gertie & The Gang

3. A blast from the past

"What part was an accident? The stealing or the getting caught?"

As the adventurers return to town, they spot a new caravan camped to the east.  Rudolfo runs into Farah, young half-elf girl who is overyly happy to see him.  Rudolfo is obvioulsy very uncomfortable.  The caravan is the one he used to travel with when he was a performer and professional scarf dancer.  Rudolfo seems eager to leave the conversation and head back to the Inn.

The travellers make their way back to the Steppewright in, where they tell Abit about what happened at the winery.  They ask him about hiring a guard or two for the frightened family they left behind and Abit suggestes they present the matter to the council at the next meeting.

While Elvis trains, Helen, Gertie, and Rudolfo spend a bit of time in the pub at the inn.  Abit askes Helen to help him with something in the kitchen, during which time Gertie questions Rudolfo about his past.  Gertie learns a bit more about Rudolfo and the Caravan they happened upon earlier that morning.  Gertie agrees to help Rudolfo find a disguise in order to "subtly" approach/spy on the young half-elf Farah.

When Helen Returns, the three of them set out on the town.  Helen, noticing the two dwarves are up to something, decides to let them do their thing, and heads off to Torvald's alone, where she buys some potions and chats about magic.

Meanwhile, Gertie and Rudolfo head to The Gnome Depot for disguises.  Their plan is interrupted when they run into Soileire and Wintle, two others from Rudolfo's former caravan.  Soileire, the caravan leader, asks Rudolfo to help the troupe get permission to perform in town over the next few days.

The gang agree that Rudolfo will ask about the performances at the council meeting.  Later that evening, Abit and others convince Rudolfo to perform a scarf routine at the inn.  Rudolfo has a few drunken stumbles, but overal everyone is very impressed.  They all agree his performance was ragmificent!

The next morning, the four adventurers join Abit at the council meeting. After some convincing, Nenankhe gives permission to hire out two guards for the family at the vinyard, and the troupe gets permission to perform the following night and the night after that.  The four head back to the inn where Gertie and the others (but mostly Gerie) help Rudolfo practice and train for his big return to the stage.

Abit returns to the inn and helps Rudolfo realize that he should probably have told the troupe about the good news.  On the way, the group run into Soileire and Farah.  Elvis hears Farah whispering about "something to tell Rudolfo", and becomes suspicious.

The four arrive at the caravan camp outside town, where they are greeted warmly and given plenty to eat and drink.  Farah helps Wintle eat and then is called over by Gertie and Helen, who intend to find out more about this "something to tell Rudolfo".  The dwarf and the human question the half-elf, and ultimately intimidate her into telling them what she knows.  she mentions something about a curse and then, realizing she's admitted too much, runs off scared.

Meanwhile, Elvis and Rudolfo talk to Soileire about life, skirting around the real issue at hand; Rudolfo's well being.  Rudolfo doesn't know what to ask, nor how to broach the subject at all.  Helen and Gertie decide to confront Soileire about the curse in an effort to keep their friend safe.  When they join the group and ask the caravan leader about what they heard, she gets very upset, and ushers them into her wagon.

Things get heated.  Soileire wants to know from whom they heard this rumour of a curse.  Taken aback by Soileire's anger, the two aren't keen to tell her.  Then Gertie lies… a very obvious lie… which understandably intensifies Soileire's anger… but it's too late to back down now, amarite!  Soileire agrees to tell the truth if the party does, but the travellers will still not say who blabbed (even though everyone knows it was Farah and everyone knows everyone knows it was Farah).  Soileire, scary and enraged, admits nothing, and asks the travellers to leave the camp. 

Shaken, worried, and with more questions than answers, they leave and head back to the Inn.



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